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The Founder of Back 2 Nature

Welcome to Back 2 Nature!  I am Terra Robinson, the founder and CEO of Back 2 Nature Skincare & Wellness Spa/Salon.  I have been an Anesthetic-Skincare Specialist, Plant Geologist, Licensed Beauty Advisor, Heath & Wellness Life Coach, Certified Herbalist and Weight Loss Consultant for over 25 years. As a Certified Homeopathic Herbalist, I studied the plant for 7 years. I am excited to say that Back 2 Nature products are 100% Organic-Natural ingredients are designed for good skin health. Customer's always ask how did I design the "Skincare by Terra" products?  I respond by saying, "as a child I suffered with disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis-(DSAP), eczema and impetigo skin disorders.  As an adult, it was my life-long journey to discover a Self-care remedies."  Although, I had acquired my skin, beauty & wellness credentials it wasn't until a dear friend by the name of Pennyshay introduced me into the Egyptian Plant Kingdom that I truly discovered how to treat my own skin illness thru the use of plants.  Customer's always rave about how these amazing products have made a difference in their health and lives.  We have hundred-to-thousands of testimonies from people sharing their experiences with the Miracle 20-Minutes Pain-Out Gel.  B2N Theme:  "Discover Nature Secrets to Health & Wellness and a Flawless Complexion." 



Testimonies About the 20-Minutes Pain-Out Gel

I had knee surgery and was in pain for 30-days non-stop.  I was given a sample of the green pain out.  Immediately, my pain subsided.  Thank you Back 2 Nature.  Linda from Oakland, CA

I was stabbed in the stomach, I was in constant pain.  It wasn't until I was introduced to B2N my pain was gone.  A special thanks to Terra.  Beth from Richmond, CA

I could hardly walk without feeling aches and pains.  My dearest friend bought me Back 2 Nature pain relief.  I couldn't believe it in minutes felt relief.  I am a true believer.  Sandra from Livermore, CA  

I suffer from lower back pain due to my seat down job all day.  I had been holding onto a pain out sample I received months earlier.  I decided to try it and I am so glad I did were in minutes I felt instant relief.  Tammie from Fremont, CA  

I get constant tension headaches.  My husband convenes me to try the 20-minutes pain-out.  I argued that i didn't have any pains but I tired it any way.  I couldn't believe it in 8 minutes my headache was gone.  Rhonda from Alameda, CA

One day, I was heading to an important event but that morning of the event my foot got injured.  I thought I was going to have to cancel my event plans and go to the emergency room.  I decided to use the pain out as a last relief.  I treated my feet that morning and on my way to the ER the pain just stopped.  I was able to attend my event with no pain.  God is good-thank God for B2N Marie from Oakland, CA

I was on vacation in Mexico were we had gone fishing.  I had gotten attacked by insects.  It as so painful, I remembered that I had my pain-out in my  bag.  I applied it to my skin and in less than 10-minutes I felt relief.  I laughed because I guess the smell keep the insects from coming back.  Theresa from Los Angeles, CA

I was being careless one day when my finger had got stuck in the boor.  I was in so much pain that I was crying for relief.  My best friend handed me the pain-out gel and I applied it to my fingers.  After 15 minutes I had forgotten that I was in pain it actually worked. Anita from Berkeley, CA

I experience stress in my shoulders where the muscle becomes so tight.  I received a free sample of pain out from Terra.  I decided to use it during a painful moment.  I couldn't believe it that my tension relaxed and I was able to move my shoulders with ease.  Go Back 2 Nature.  Malinda from  Oakland, CA

I get a chronic back pain from lifting items over 50 lbs. My wife got tired of hearing me complaining.  I took a hot bath and she rubbed my back down in this green pain-out.  I became a true believer of the product because it works.  Ted from Seattle, WA

I get really bad menstrual pain on a monthly bases.  My mother gave me a bottle of the 20 minutes green pain-out.  Therefore, what did I have to loose so I rubbed it onto my stomach.  I was so relieved at the results, I felt so much better in less than 20 minutes.  Cathy from Oakland,  CA

I get really bade migraines-headaches but thanks to Back 2 Nature Pain-Out, I don't worry about headaches any more.  Peggy from San  Leandro, CA  

If you like to share your testimonies please contact us at (916) 617-9003