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Terms and Condition

Welcome to Back 2 Nature Skincare & Wellness Spa.   We are a small facility that specialize in alternative wellness spa products and services for good health.   We offer plant-base products that can help to heal the skin at the cellular level.  Thank you for selecting Back 2 Nature to assist you with your wellness treatments. 

24-Hours Notifications

.  We ask that you can give a 24-hour notice prior to setting up your spa appointments.  

.  Same-day-appointments are only available upon call in authorization and availability.  

.  Online bookings is not a confirmation for same day appointments because they are generated by a third party auto system.

.  Walk-In are welcome upon availability.

Cancellation Policies

.  We ask that in the event you need to cancel your spa appointment that you can give a 24-hours notification via phone or text.

.  In the event that you may have to reschedule your appointment we ask if you can give a 24-hours notification.

.  In the event that you may be late for your appointment we offer a 15-minutes grace period.  If you may be later you may need to reschedule your appoint if we are back-up.

Unlawful Conduct

.  We have the right to refuse services due to orderly conduct.

.  We are a family base business that enjoy providing self-care services to our customers.

.  If you have a problem or dispute please feel free to address your concerns with management.

.  We have zero tolerance for any type of destructive attitudes or behaviors.  

Same Day Services

.  We ask if you have a special promotional offer or voucher you are limited to one service per voucher.

'  If you do not have a voucher or promotional offer you may book up to two appointments per person.

Customer Feedback

.  We strive to provide the highest level of spa services and products.

.  We welcome your feedback for the enhancement of our growth.

.  If you have any type of concerns we are open to discussions.

.  We specialize in self-care products and services, this is why we call B2N the peoples spa.